Dr. Ayyad Fatma

Dr. Ayyad Fatma

Though all evaluators are guided by a common logic, the depth and the outcome of evaluation could be influenced by the paradigm, philosophy, or approach that guides their thoughts and practice
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”


... to help you develop an appropriate monitoring and evaluation approach for your for your projects


I provide professional and experienced services and support to those who need help but have scarce resources. Whether you are a beginner or advanced evaluator or researcher, program leader, looking for the basic information or advanced tips, resources and support to complete your project, you come to the right place. As much fun I had studying evaluation and research methodology, it comes to time when, I need to ask a friend or a colleague how things work. Of course you can go to the internet, ask Google or view Youtube videos. But what if you could get the answer and the support for your specific question? As you come to this site, you can get some great helps using my online resources and if this does not answer your specific question, you can contact me or submit your concern using the forum or the request form.

Graduate Student (GVSU)

I struggle with the quantitative studies, because even though I am a math teacher, doing inferential statistics was more difficult for me (but the shortcuts you taught us on excel were amazing!).

Anonymous Doctoral Student

Thank you Dr. Ayyad. Your advice really helped me to restructure my dissertation.

Michigan Academic Advising Association

Excellent presentation! This really needs to be published. Great Job!

Dr. Rodriguez-Campos

Thank you very much for your lecture to my program evaluation class and for sharing with us your various experience. My students indicated that the presentation and materials you presented were very informative and well organized and I strongly agree with them.

Gear Up Students Ambassadors

We are now equipped with greater understanding to better serve students…Thank you for your support of the students ambassador program at Western Michigan University.


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Trees Human Subject Regulations Decision Tree Statistics Decision Human Subje...
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Fatma Ayyad

Fatma Ayyad, Ph.D.

Ayyad Fatma, Ph.D. Dr. Ayyad Fatma received her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Evaluat
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I provide professional and experienced services and support to those who need help but hav...
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