AEA 2016 Annual Conference

Hello! Did you attend AEA conference in Atlanta this year?

Personally, I enjoy the conference this year. I attended many sessions and I had four presentations.  I had 45 minutes round table, 45 minutes paper presentation, 15 minutes multi-paper and a poster session. I met many scholars and particularly my colleagues from Western Michigan University. Please Share your thoughts about this year’s conference.

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  1. Hey Fatma, I have no doubt that you enjoy the conference. I went to one of your presentations. I took you a couple of pictures of you talking to Gary Miron and the second time with Michael Bamberger. Let me know the best way to give them to you.

    For me, the new team of AEA is getting better. This year was their best so far. Last year it was all mess in Chicago. We can now expert the best to come.

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