Fatma Ayyad (Founder)

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Fatma Ayyad, Ph.D., Founder of AyyadResearch.com


Fatma Ayyad earned a doctorate degree from the the Department of Educational Leadership and Technology at Western Michigan University (WMU).  Her focus of studies is in Evaluation, Measurement, and Applied Research. Dr. Ayyad also obtained two Master’s degrees in adult and higher education and strategies of science teaching.  She has an extensive knowledge in education and more than ten years of experience in evaluation and research. Dr. Ayyad was science teacher and trainer of science teachers for eight years. From 2010 to 2014, she worked as Research Manager for the Pinellas County Schools. She is currently a researcher within the college of education at Grand Valley State University. She demonstrated competencies and skills in research methodology, data analysis, teaching in diverse settings, and technical writing.


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