Support in Research and Evaluation proposals

Are you a student, an evaluator or a program administrator who needs help and instruction to complete a proposal? We will help you plan and write your proposal with all resources required to A.

Research in education

With my expertise in teaching, educational research and evaluation, we provide support for planning, data collection, data analysis and interpretation for any educational research and evaluation.

Instructional support for adult learning

You are an instructor or educational administrator looking for support to strengthen your teaching or your resources for adult learning? Our experts will provide you with an analysis of your situation and any recommendations for the success of your adult learners.

Assistance with construction of logic model

We will guide you from the beginning to the end to construct a logic model that portrait your program. We also provide teaching and training in logic model to staff for professional development

Assistance with school project

We do not do your class project. Rather, we provide you the advice and the direction you need to establish a research/evaluation plan. We will also review your dissertation of thesis plan, review your data collection plan and your analysis.


Writing of Research and Evaluation plans

We will help you write the plan you need to assess your evaluation or to conduct you research. The final product will be an authentic, valid, and reliable plan that you can implement yourself. We can also review your existing plan for feedback.

Development of instruments (survey, interview and focus group protocols)

An instrument is only good when it answer your questions. We will make sure that your instrument accurately provides the data required to answer your evaluation or research questions.

Implementation of program evaluation

We offer a professional service in program evaluation. From the start to the end, we will help you formulate your evaluation questions, plan for the data to be collected, collect appropriate data, analyze them and issue a meaningful report.

Next Steps…

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