Situational Leadership

A situational leader

“A situational leader is anybody anywhere who recognizes that influencing behavior is not an event but a process” – Dr. Paul Hersey

Known earlier as “Life Cycle Theory of Leadership“, it was renamed in the mid-1970s, “Situational Leadership theory”.
The situational leadership theory is a model developed by Paul Hersey, professor and author of the book The Situational Leader, and Ken Blanchard, leadership trainer and author of the book The One Minute Manager.
According to the authors, there is No One Size fits all approach to leadership. A variance of style of leadership and management are necessary, depending on the situation.

Video : Ken Blanchard – Leadership Point of View

How it works

The following video description is provided by Alanis Business Academy for a Youtube video published on Published on Aug 16, 2012.
“Developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard, Situational Leadership is one of the most notable leadership models. Situational Leadership outlines that effective leadership is primarily a result of the leader appropriately tailing his or her leadership style to the situation (i.e. person and environment). Depending upon the situation, the leadership grid including in the Situational Leadership model will recommend one of four possible leadership style to be employed by the leader.”

A Youtube Video by Alanis Business Academy